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Alice Hope:
Hamptons Art Hub

Project Description

Alice Hope Creates New Works at The Armory Modern

by Pat Rogers

March 9, 2013

New York City, NY

Don’t be surprised if you see a familiar face and artwork in the lobby of The Armory Modern at Pier 92. It’s likely that Alice Hope will be atop a short ladder creating the second of two new artworks located on the wall near the art fair entrance.

The pieces are layered with aluminum ball chain or steel ball chain and noedymium magnets that contain embedded binary code within the pattern created. The perforated panel with aluminum ball chain repeats the binary code for Love. The perforated panel with steel ball chain and neodymium magnets repeats the binary code for Blind. That said, the works are not titled. Each work measures 36 x 61 inches.

Hope explained that her creating work in public is not about adding an element of performance art to her work. Instead, bringing the art making out of the studio and into the public arena allows the public to witness her labor-intensive process. She began working on the pieces on Wednesday and expects to work through until Sunday. Afterwards, both artworks will be for sale.

“Making the work in public shows the process behind the work,” she said. “It’s not about performance…it’s about not hiding the process.”