Bastienne Schmidt: Art and Antiques

Bastienne Schmidt:
Art and Antiques

Project Description

Still Abstract After All These Years: The Diverse Work of Five Contemporary Artists Attests to the Enduring Appeal of Non-Figurative Art

by Edward M. Gomez

“Of all the styles, theory-driven rallying cries, movements schools and creative curiosities that have played memorable parts in modern art’s evolution, few have been as durable and permutable as abstraction–in painting, sculpture and countless mixed-media forms.

Today, photo-based and conceptualist art genres, influenced by post-modernist critical theory, may still rule the roost in some precincts of the art market, but wherever painting and sculpture are still robustly present, expect to find abstract works by well-known masters and up-and-comers alike on view in galleries and museums. The creations of the five U.S.-based artists profiled here offer a vivid portrait of the different ways in which art-makers are still finding meaning and expressive power in the enduring language of abstraction.”