Bastienne Schmidt: Art + Auction

Bastienne Schmidt:
Art + Auction

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In her previous body of work, “Home Stills,” 2011, multimedia artist Bastienne Schmidt explored femininity and gender roles in the domestic sphere, using herself as a stand-in for everywoman. Her latest inquiry, “Topography of Quiet,” on view at Ricco/Maresca Gallery December 11 through January 15, 2015, uses painting, drawing, and photography to create a transcendental and introspective experience. Schmidt draws inspiration from her travels to map the effects of our environment on our imagination. and vice versa. Non-pictorial photographic compositions and intricate paintings, such as the three mixed-media Untitled, Topos, 2014, left, evoke ikat prints, Asian scrolls and the rich lapis hues of the Aegean. The images not only bear witness to Schmidt’s peripatetic movements, but also suggest that the act of traveling is a means by which our minds engage in the pursuit of identity. -JG