Expiration Date: Art F City

Expiration Date:
Art F City

Project Description

Expiration Date

by Michael Anthony Farley

March 8, 2016 – A staggeringly diverse collection of “Momento Mori” objects, from a mid-19th Century New Mexican “Penitente” figure to contemporary photography, that reminds us death is the only constant. Artists know we’re all going to die, and so do normal people. Just try to look at the flyer image without perceiving a trace of present-day ironic intent: it’s a series of naïve paintings of tombstones with words such as “ROLL”, “LOVE”, “SUMMER”, and “BENZ”. In reality, they’re anonymously authored sample paintings from the 1920s for a door-to-door funeral salesman to pitch different styles of headstones.

Artists: William Hawkins, George Widener, David Scott Evans, André Kertész, Joel-Peter Witkin, Scott Campbell, Gerald Slota, Herman Bridgets (and more).