Frank Maresca: Antiques and Fine Art

Frank Maresca:
Antiques and Fine Art

Project Description

Presentation is Everything

Antiques and Fine Art magazine – 2009

“Frank Maresca opens the door of his Manhattan loft and sticks his head into the front entrance in greeting. Behind him is the first glimpse of his collection–-a painting for a 1931 poster by French artist Paul Colin that makes visitors do a double take when they look beyond their host. The image–hands in the act of putting on a pair of round black spectacles–looks as though it were modeled on Maresca and his signature eyeglasses.

Provocative and personal, it sums up Maresca’s feelings not only about art but also about the art of collecting. ‘Art’s all about having a strong reaction,’ he says. ‘I don’t care if you have a negative or positive reaction; you can love it or you can hate it. I want you to have some kind of reaction because that’s the beginning of the discussion.’

For dealer/collector Maresca, the discussion ranges far and wide and as far out of the ordinary white/grey box as he can get it to go.’ I don’t collect anything specific,’ he says, ‘I collect and deal in two-dimensional objects that have the ability to transport the viewer. The value of the piece isn’t important; only the quality and integrity of the object matters.’”