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George Widener:
GEO Magazine

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The Islands of Genius

GEO Magazine – 2011

A date, George Widener says, has four variables: day, month, year, day of the week. Feeling the symmetry of these numbers, he says, is a beautiful experience, almost like a drug. Those who want that experience must pay the price.
On 6/24/2011, a Friday, calendar calculator George Widener is standing on a road junction in Manhattan and is suffering from the chaos of the present.

Its demands and impertinences are flooding his senses on this day, the 18,033rd day of his life. New York City is bubbling with people and cars and houses; the buildings have more people and cars inside. A jackhammer at a building site is pushing noise right into the brain, and that is a torture for everybody, not just for someone like George Widener. His massive, bear-like body doesn’t show any signs of being nervous. But he is suffering. It is all too loud, too fast, too much for him here.

Then he sees a car license plate: ALY-2132. This is only a combination of numbers, and George knows this, but it jumps out at him. He closes his eyes. His body starts to rock. He looks inside himself. AL could be for April, Y is the 25th letter of the alphabet. 4/25/2132—naturally, a Friday. He feels that it’s a Friday, he knows it. Quickly, another car: 94V-B65. 9 for September, 4 for the day, 65 for 1965; the 4th of September, 1965, was a Saturday. A Friday followed by a Saturday, the world is full of wonder.”

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