Slota + LaBute: Aperture

Slota + LaBute:

Project Description

Because the Darkness Feeds My Soul, Photographs by Gerald Slota, Words by Neil LaBute

Aperture – 2010

“I wouldn’t want to meet Gerald Slota in a dark alley—probably not even a well-lit one, for that matter. Not that he’s some big, scary guy (he may be, actually—I don’t know as we’ve never met: but the shit that’s swirling around in his head is enough to worry anybody. Take a look at some of the images he’s created and you’ll see what I mean. And he doesn’t seem to really “create” them at all—that’s too kind a word for it—he seems to dredge them up from their collective graves like some nineteenth-century figure digging by lamplight, only to take them home and desecrate them in private. Scrawling images on top of images, often tearing photographs to pieces or piercing them with scissors or whatever he can get his filthy hands on seems to be more like it. Gerald Slota’s work makes me feel dirty, and that is as big a compliment as I can give the man.

I met Gerald by email after the gallerist Bill Hunt suggested to my agent that a collaboration might be interesting. Gerald and I struck up a rough correspondence, and at some point we hit upon the notion of a series of strange greeting cards (some of what you see before you being the result of that endeavor). I would feed Gerald a lurid or sad or mysterious line or two and he would run with it, hacking away at the face of a photocopied relative or a young child in a way that would make your skin crawl. In a good way.”