Hiroyuki Doi: Lindsay Pollock

Hiroyuki Doi:
Lindsay Pollock

Project Description

Hiroyuki Doi’s Circular Obsession

Lindsay Pollock Art Market Views – 2011

“Japanese artist Hiroyuki Doi, 64, sporting Jackie O sunglasses and a mischievous smile, spoke this past Saturday afternoon about the death of his brother, the wonders of washi paper and his desire to draw the smallest circles on earth. He addressed a group of fans, including collector Audrey Heckler, who had gathered on a brisk Chelsea afternoon at Ricco/Maresca Gallery.

‘My challenge, precisely, is how small circles I can draw,’ said Doi, speaking through a translator. Doi’s drawings contain thousands of pulsating, clustered orbs, inked with a trusty Pilot pen. His drawings are at once microscopic and while paradoxically appearing to contain the infinite vastness of the universe, or a star-filled sky, observed Doi’s dealer Frank Maresca. They are simultaneously minimal and maximal, noted Maresca.

Doi is a chef by training. He continues to teach elderly Japanese men to cook as a sideline.

The death of a younger brother 37-years-ago triggered his artistic impulse, first represented by landscapes and floral images. His 20-year-old brother died of a brain tumor. ‘That was very shocking,’ said Doi. ‘It was a big loss for me.’

He found his metier in corn kernels. ‘I looked at sweet corn and it looked like people’s faces,’ said Doi. ‘Then I discovered circles to express myself.’

So what inspires him now? ‘I imagine the universe and then I draw,’ he said.”