Nijinsky: A Dance with Madness

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Project Description

Nijinsky: A Dance with Madness, The Paintings of Vaslav Nijinski

41 Pages
21 Color Reproductions
Ricco/Maresca, 2006

“Since its publication in 1936, the diary of Vaslav Nijinsky has been treated as the visionary testament of a tormented genius. The diary — written in a six-week burst on the eve of its author’s confinement to an asylum and shot through with the Tolstoyan utopianism to which he had recently been converted — has attracted a predictable raft of cliches: the artist as madman, the madman as seer, the seer as suffering Christ. Auden quoted it in ”September 1, 1939”; one critic proclaimed, inevitably, that it was not Nijinsky who was mad, but us.”

– William Deresiewicz, The New York Times