Rebecca Norris Webb: Los Angeles Times

Rebecca Norris Webb:
Los Angeles Times

Project Description

The Many Ways to View a Landscape

by Barbara Davidson

“Andy Adams is a Wisconsin-based independent Web producer and photo publisher whose work blends aspects of digital communication, online audience engagement and Web-based creative collaboration to explore contemporary ideas in photography. Recent projects include “The Future of Photobooks,” a cross-blog conversation that considered the influence of Internet culture on photography, and “100 Portraits— 100 Photographers,” a digital exhibition of contemporary portraiture that has shown at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington and numerous festivals. His latest project is “Looking at the Land— 21st Century American Views,” a Web-based survey exploring the evolving landscape photo tradition.
“Looking at the Land” explores people’s relationship to landscapes. How did this idea — to curate a show about modern landscape photography —come about?
A key part of my photo work is promoting contemporary image-makers and archiving their work in the Flak Photo Collection. Not surprisingly, many of those pictures reflect my personal
interest in the environment and how humans respond to the land. Last year Jan Howard, curator of prints,drawings and photographs at the [Rhode Island School of Design] Museum of Art, invited me to produce a projection of 21st century landscapes to complement a historical overview of the genre she was organizing. The projection debuted at the RISD Museum of Art in September. Internet culture and digital media play key roles in my photo work, so it was a natural decision to present this show publicly online. In addition to the projection, our team designed a robust website featuring interviews with our 88 contributors.”