Tricia Cline: Kohler Arts Center

Tricia Cline:
Kohler Arts Center

Project Description

Animal Instinct: Allegory, Allusion, and Anthropomorphism

John Michael Kohler Arts Center – 2010

From time immemorial, animals have been part of the human story. In the most ancient art forms, we see evidence of the intertwined lives of people and animals. As humans became increasingly able to express themselves through symbolic thought, they most often used the characters of animals in the allegorical stories they created to explain life. Through animal myths, legends, and fables, people explained the inexplicable, established moral standards, and commented on the order of the world. Even in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, artists have continued to favor animal symbolism to address complex human issues.

Artists included in Animal Instinct are: Bill Traylor, Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010), Tricia Cline, Kay Ku, Ruth Marten, Emily Roz, Deborah Simon, Kiki Smith, Andréa Stanislav, and Kako Ueda (NY)…