The unconventional industrial materials that Alice Hope uses to create installations and objects explore the properties that found materials inherently possess—their magnetism, weight, reactivity, reflectivity, and capacity to dissolve and mutate. In some of her works, luminous shotgun pellets cover a wall or an entire room. In other pieces, tightly packed iron filings combined with crack detection powder are surprisingly sumptuous and velveteen.

Whether mounted on the wall or extended throughout a room, the works draw focus to the properties that frame emotion. Contained and delimited, the sculptures present a slice of an idea that by extension can be imagined on a broad scale, like a carpet sample or fabric swatch. Encompassing and continuous, the installations suggest eternity, limitlessness, and totality.

The works implicate their viewers. Some materials, shiny or metallic, reflect what surrounds. Some convey a feeling of contiguity, texture, opticality, and weight. The magnetic force of attraction/repulsion is an allegory to human relationships; these properties that form the foundation of the work reflect those properties within the viewer.


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VIMEO documentation of Green Space Lobby Installation
Alice Hope in her East Hampton studio

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