Bastienne Schmidt was born in Germany, raised in Greece and Italy, and has been living in New York for the past twenty years. Her work has been shown internationally at over fifty exhibitions, including solo shows at the International Center of Photography in New York and The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbein in Hamburg, Germany.

“Already acclaimed for her photography, Schmidt’s recent paintings continue to reflect upon the themes of womanhood, female identity, and domesticity on both a deeply personal level and a broader cultural level. Seeing the world as she does—through a broad but uniquely personal metaphoric and symbolic ‘lens’—results in work that is both reflexive and reflective. It is reflexive, in that she allows herself to enter the framework of a project as both the portrayer and the portrayed. In her published photography series, Home Stills, she places herself before the camera in the context of mother, wife, domestic worker, naturalized citizen, traveler, feminist symbol and faceless proxy for ‘everywoman’ in similar multi-faceted roles, bringing drama and political impact to her work. It is reflecting on those very life memories, associations, abstractions and extensions of logic that allows her to serve as an artistic ‘bridge’ between her interior world and the larger one outside – realigning and layering meaning as she creates.” — Richard J. Friswell, Managing Editor,



Bastienne Schmidt: Silhouette Vessels
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