A self-taught artist and a calendar savant, George Widener creates mixed-media works on paper that give aesthetic, visible form to complex calculations based on dates and historical events–the sinking of the Titanic is one of his favorites. The artist often uses found paper, or a support composed of layers of tea-stained paper napkins. His drawings feature simple palettes, sophisticated patterning, and bold compositions of dates and imagery that transcend centuries of time and the history of art. Widener sometimes likens himself to a “time traveler”.

George Widener has been highly visible in the arena of contemporary art and has experienced a significant degree of film and media exposure. On October 24, 2012 Nova Science aired “How Smart Can We Get?” which featured a segment on Widener. He is also profiled in “Ingenious Minds: George Widener,” episode six of a six-part series of films focusing on savants and geniuses, which aired on the Science Discovery Channel in March, 2011. He is also a subject in the documentary film My Brilliant Brain: Accidental Genius, 2007. see more…


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