“Is a man a closed system or is something added that possibly might come from outside the solar system?” (Ken Grimes). For Ken Grimes that “something added” first manifested itself in the form of a science-fiction B-picture that he saw during his adolescence. The film, which depicted an ever-growing, brain-like, alien creature, was to be what Grimes considered his first real exposure to alien intelligence.

Grimes was born in New York City on July 16, 1947, a day that correlates—the artist is apt to point out—with other significant world events, including the first moon landing and the first atomic bomb detonated in Los Alamos, New Mexico in 1943. When he was still very young his family moved from Manhattan to Westchester County, and back to New York City again before settling, when Grimes was six years old, in Cheshire, Connecticut, where he still resides.

Grimes’s grandfather, a semiprofessional magician and inventor, left a long-lasting impression on the young Grimes. The artist was first moved to deal creatively with the paranormal by an extraordinary circumstance. He discovered that while he was working at a public lottery in Cheshire, Connecticut, another Ken Grimes, sixty-two years old and living in Cheshire, England, won the largest soccer pool in history. This cosmic coincidence, as well as many others, has become part of what Ken refers to as the “Coincidence Board.” See more


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