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Pioneering figures in the field of Self-Taught art, Frank Maresca and Roger Ricco have worked with many of the most esteemed collectors of Contemporary, Outsider, and Folk art. Ricco/Maresca has cultivated a highly regarded international reputation for assisting in the acquisition of artworks while adhering to the individualized criteria set by each client—through cooperative decision-making and overall assessment of personal tastes and goals.


We provide design and installation services—for numerous private, corporate, and museum collections—and are committed to offering a variety of high-quality professional services tailored to meet particular needs, including installation design, lighting, mounting, and archival conservation.


Ricco/Maresca also provides appraisals for American Folk art, Outsider art, and Vernacular painting and objects. With in-depth knowledge of the art market and extensive experience in valuing works of art, our team offers the highest quality appraisals in these areas of specialization.