Hatched in Prison: Lost at E Minor

Hatched in Prison:
Lost at E Minor

Project Description

Artist recounts his prison life with beautiful ostrich egg sculptures

by Inigo del Castillo

October 27, 2015 – In his exhibition entitled ‘Hatched in Prisons’, artist Gil Batle uses ostrich eggs as a medium to recount different experiences he had while serving 20 years of jail time in various Californian prisons.
Batle, who was charged with fraud and forgery, recalls the pain and abuse he endured in prison through the intricate carvings he’s done on the eggs. For instance, one details the mind-numbing feeling of being in isolation, while another shows inmates being tortured by guards. Beautiful as these sculptures might seem with their symmetrical prison-themed motifs, the messages they carry are anything but.

The exhibition will be held at the Ricco/Maresca gallery in New York from November 5 until December 5, 2015.