William Hawkins: Drawings: Online Exclusive

15 August - 30 September 2022

William Hawkins’s main source of inspiration was the print media of his time, the pictures in newspapers and magazines that he retrieved from the trash stored in a suitcase. 
Before starting to work on a painting, Hawkins would often work out basic compositional problems on paper. The drawings presented in this online exhibition were always meant to be the beginning of a process that was wonderfully spontaneous. When asked about art-making, the first thing the artist would say was that he had been drawing all his life. This was true. Even though he did not start painting in earnest until the late 1970s (he was always a hard, industrious worker and never had the luxury of time), drawing could be done anywhere, quickly.
It was never Hawkins's intention to sell his drawings, so he didn’t treat them with particular care—he might have been working on one while eating lunch or dinner. There is nothing "precious" about the artist's work, and this extends to his drawings. It’s also true that they are as fearless and whimsical as his paintings are.