Closing Reception • Grant Wallace: Over the Psychic Radio

3 - 3 December 2022

Featuring Tarot Readings by

Laetitia Barbier  



4:00 - 7:00 PM


Please join us for the closing reception of our current exhibition Grant Wallace: Over the Psychic Radio, featuring complimentary 15-minute tarot readings conducted by Laetitia Barbier (for those who sign up in advance below) and a wine bar for everyone else.


French-born Laetitia Barbier studied art history at the Sorbonne and has worked professionally in the arts for over a decade. She had her first tarot epiphany at the age of 11, when she bought her first Marseille Tarot deck at a Parisian tobacco shop.


A passionate and experienced tarot reader, Barbier is a firm believer in tarot's empowering nature. Beyond its use as a fortune-telling oracle, she views it as a visual tool to navigate the complexities of life. Her readings are usually done with a Rider Waite deck, along with the classic French Marseille deck, and Khan & Selesnick's Carnival at the End of the World deck. 


Barbier is also a tarot history and cartomancy enthusiast. She shares her passion for antique decks and techniques on her instagram @laetitia.cartomancy.


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