Self-Taught Outsider Art Brut: Masterpieces From the Robert M. Greenberg Collection

Lyle Rexer, 1998
Publisher: Ricco/Maresca Gallery.

Pages: 88

Robert M. Greenberg has been working in public media for over thirty years. His collection of self-taught and Outsider art developed over that time as part of his effort to reaffirm a sense of the individual as a creator, which he feels has been lost in the digital age. As Greenberg writes, “The digital universe leaves out a great deal. It favors compromise, integration, teamwork, and collaboration… the pleasure of art lies in the examples of singular vision.”

This collection of masterworks contains over fifty reproductions of the work of artists such as William Edmondson, Henry Darger, and William Hawkins. It represents Greenberg’s passion for individual expression, a notion that is undoubtedly at the core of self-taught art.

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