Kate Berry Brown: Clarity: Online Exclusive • Artist Debut

6 April - 16 June 2022

Kate Berry Brown was born in 1978 and grew up just outside of Chicago in Evanston, Illinois, where she lives with her husband and three children. As a child of divorced parents, she split her time between her two households: weekdays were spent in Evanston, attending public school and taking extracurricular activities like art, music and dance classes. On the weekends, farther from the city, she explored woods and prairies and learned how to drive a tractor.


Brown attended Washington University Art School, where she earned her BFA in fashion design. After just a few years in the industry, she realized her true passion was not clothes. In fact, it was the act of designing and making that was what she loved, and she found the job of designing clothing to be interchangeable. Not too long after leaving fashion behind she got a job in a flower shop, which scratched her creative itch and allowed her to get her hands dirty. She dove head first into this new passion. Brown’s deep curiosity led her to the Netherlands, where she spent six months getting her Masters in Floral Design at Boerma Instituut. While there, she and her bulldog lived in a trailer she rented from a dairy farmer.  


Years later, married, living in Las Vegas and pregnant with their first child, Brown settled back into the fine art of painting. Over the years, through the move back to the Midwest and two more kids, drawing replaced painting out of both practicality as well as a deep love for immediate and meditative mark-making. She found that picking up and putting down a pencil was faster than cleaning a brush and mixing paints while simultaneously wrangling three small children.  


Woodworking is Brown’s current endeavor. What intrigues her remains consistent to constructing a dress or making a floral arrangement: design, color, texture and that which drives her more than anything is passion and curiosity.