Günther Schützenhöfer: Everyday Objects

12 September - 12 October 2013
Press release

Ricco/Maresca is pleased to present Günther Schützenhöfer: Everyday Objects. This solo exhibition brings together the intimate and enigmatic works of artist Günther Schützenhöfer. Born in Mödling, Austria in 1965, Schützenhöfer spent the majority of his early life in various institutions before moving into the Gugging House of Artists where works were first exhibited in 2001 at the Gugging Gallery, an internationally-renowned venue known for exhibiting many pivotal figures in Contemporary Art Brut. The artist quickly became one of the institutions most celebrated members.


Schützenhöfer is known for his smaller format drawings done exclusively using gray and colored pencils as well as his inordinately measured and intricate process. The artist begins his work by reflecting for long periods of time before proceeding in a precise and cautious manner. After deciding on a theme, he initiates his process by defining the outer contours of his primary drawing before carefully filling them in using a dense multitude of parallel lines. This technique creates a soft, almost furry texture. Thematically, Schützenhöfer’s work is various and imaginative, typically consisting of everyday objects rendered in a stylized, non-perspective manner. Reductive forms and sophisticated compositions are continuously present in his overwhelmingly affective body of art that marries emotional intricacy with technical precision.


The Gugging House of Artists was founded in 1981 when psychiatrist Leo Navratil decided to open a residential house for mentally-ill artists in Gugging, Austria near Vienna. Upon retiring, his successor Johann Feilacher gave the organization its current name the “House of Artists.” Since its inception, the “Gugging Artists” have gained an internationally renowned reputation due to the extraordinary excellence in their drawings, paintings, photographs and writing. With an emphasis placed on their talents as opposed to their illnesses, the Gugging Artists have been part of more than 250 exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide. Everyday Objects marks the first solo exhibition of Schützenhöfer’s work in the United States.


Günther Schützenhöfer: Everyday Objects will be on view at Ricco/Maresca Gallery from September 12th through October 12th, 2013.

Installation Views