Domingo Guccione: Spiritual Geometry

28 October - 4 December 2021
Press release

Domingo Guccione was born in Buenos Aires in 1898, he was a mystic, a classical musician, and​ a​ self-taught artist. The body of work that he left behind, produced between 1930 and 1955, is a compelling example of Latin American geometric abstraction.

Guccione worked in private and claimed to be channeling a mysterious force that took a hold of him in bouts of creative energy; he did not sketch his drawings, working quickly and with a minimal range of materials. His geometric landscapes are reminiscent of futuristic buildings and labyrinths that interweave densely packed color with subtle shadings.
​After Guccione's death in 1966, his oeuvre remained in his ​family’s possession​ ​(and unseen by a wider audience​)​ until 2020​—when Ricco/Maresca mounted his art world debut at the Independent Art Fair. 
​Spiritual Geometry, the artist's first one-person gallery exhibition, presented works that had never previously been seen​ or offered.


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